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Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? Do you wish you could achieve a brighter, more radiant smile? At Fergus and Glover, we offer professional teeth whitening treatments to help you achieve your desired level of whiteness and boost your confidence.

Teeth can become discolored or stained over time due to a variety of factors, such as aging, tobacco use, and consuming dark-colored beverages or foods. Our teeth whitening treatment is a safe and effective way to remove these stains and restore the natural brightness of your teeth.

At Fergus and Glover, we use the latest technology and high-quality whitening products to provide our patients with the best possible results. Our team of experienced dental professionals will work with you to determine the best course of treatment based on your individual needs and preferences.

We offer two different types of teeth whitening treatments: in-office and take-home. Our in-office treatment involves the application of a specially formulated whitening gel to your teeth, which is then activated using a special light. This treatment can be completed in just one visit to our office and can provide immediate, noticeable results.

Our take-home whitening kit allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. We will provide you with custom-fitted trays and professional-grade whitening gel to use over the course of several weeks. This treatment is ideal for patients who prefer a more gradual whitening process or who wish to maintain their results over time.

Before beginning any teeth whitening treatment, we will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. We may also recommend additional treatments or procedures to address any underlying dental issues or to further enhance the appearance of your smile.

It is important to note that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution and may need to be repeated periodically to maintain your desired level of brightness. We recommend avoiding certain foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, and red wine, which can cause staining, and practicing good oral hygiene habits to help prolong the effects of your treatment.

At Fergus and Glover, we are committed to helping our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. If you are interested in our teeth whitening treatment or would like to learn more about our other cosmetic dentistry services, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.